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. >> reporter: good morning. it was a wild morning here at john f. kennedy high school. take a look at some of the video now. he gave a speech in the auditorium. as i was saying, commitment is one of the things he was talking about. after this, he was going back to redskins park to work on a rehab session and meet with the team for practice. this partnership is called fuel up to play 60. it's about eating healthy and playing 60 minutes a day. as you said, fighting childhood obesity, something he says he's dealt with in the past. >> somebody that's been in their shoes, you know, that experienced turmoil, adversity in my life. when i was there, a point where i was eating junk food and nothing but terrible things going into my body. i wouldn't be able to excel on the field. i want to come here today to share similar experiences i had going to school to bter myself to get to the level i'm at right now. >> one of the pioneers of bringing this program to the high school, i want to bring in a physical education teacher. talk to me a little bit. we heard him speak this morning. how important is it
on to the home in pasadena late last night. county executive, john leopold  says the victim was a 73-year-old construction engineer. he was in the kitchen when he was struck. the tree weighed between 15 and 20 tons. it's so big, rescuers had trouble recovering the man's body. >>> an accident this morning in montgomery county closed the road down for awhile. it's not clear if the accident was related to storm damage. we are waiting to hear if anyone was injured. >> catching a plane in our area is difficult. the airport authority tweeted out there are no flights in or out of dulles or reagan this morning. a handful of flights are getting out. backlogs of people waiting for a flight will likely take time to clear. if you had a flight scheduled today or the coming days, call your airline for the latest on the status. >> let's take a look at traffic. danella has had a busy day. >> she has and yesterday as well. what's it looking like? light in traffic? >> volume is light. problems on local roads. there are restrictions on interstates as well as u.s. routes. the speed restriction is 45 miles pe
happened on that plane. john goodman also star in this thriller. "flight" is rated "r." >>> a lighter tame on the vampire genre. partying every night, but when one of them falls in love with a vampire hunter, they realize their destinies are at stake. it's rated pg-13. the time is 11:48. coming up, what would you do if you were president? >>> check on the weekend forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> the race for president tops the mcfly report. tommy mcfly is here with more. good morning. >> hey, how are you? >> we are on the countdown for tuesday. >> i feel like a kid in the backseat, are we there yet? >> are you running as many ads as we are on television? >> of course. the big races, the small races and the races that climb on rocks. it's nonstop. >> jimmy fallon asked his audience what they would do if they were president. >> i love this. >> i would inhale helium before every presidential address. >> i would rename the board between denmark and germany, the danger zone. ♪ i went to the danger zone ♪ going right into the danger zone ♪ >>> we have had a few singing pres
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3